Bachelor of Science in Health Science, Pre-pharmacy track
Students who plan a career in pharmacy will require a doctoral degree from a school of pharmacy.  The first step toward that goal is undergraduate study in the sciences that will prepare the student for success in graduate studies to come. Students usually apply to pharmacy schools expecting to enter upon completion of their bachelor degree. It is possible, however, to complete pre-requisite courses for pharmacy in three years, including some summer courses. Students are assigned an academic advisor from among the science faculty at Anna Maria who will guide them in planning their program of study to meet the particular requirements of their target schools in pharmacy. Many of these programs have particular electives they require and students and advisors can be sure to include these courses in their study plan.
Anna Maria does have an articulation agreement with the University of St. Joseph School of Pharmacy in Hartford, CT, the presents a formal plan for students to prepare to enter that pharmacy program after three years at Anna Maria. Completing a four-year bachelor degree at Anna Maria is also an option for students to wish to enter the St. Joseph School of Pharmacy. No matter which school of pharmacy interests an Anna Maria student, the Health Science major provides the courses required to prepare for graduate study in the field.  It combines a broad science literacy, including emphasis on biology and chemistry, with knowledge of particular threats to human health from environmental, occupational, and life-style factors.  This preparation builds understanding of the role in human health of communicable diseases, conditions of deprivation or excess, technological hazards, and societal stressors.  The advance student integrates this preparation with a study of individual and community strategies for protecting and enhancing human health. Rationale and Unique Features
One of the fastest growing employment sectors is in the field of health, including pharmacy.  A career in their field requires a strong foundation in the sciences along with an understanding of the societal and individual factors that influence health.  The program at Anna Maria offers students a way to accelerate their studies while working toward entry into a highly rated school of pharmacy.  All Health Science students are guided in their course selections by a faculty advisor selected from among the science professors.
Target Audience
This major attracts students who have a strong interest in pharmacy and have prepared well in high school for further study in science, especially biology and chemistry.  A student who wants to earn entry into any pharmacy program in three years must be committed to their studies and be willing to take courses during summer sessions.