Orientation Leaders

Meet Your Orientation Leaders

We look forward to further familiarizing you with Anna Maria College. Orientation is great way to learn about the campus and meet other members of the campus community—your future classmates, AMC faculty and College faculty and College staff.

Na'Blahge Adaramola
Na’Blahge is a junior Nursing major from Lawrence, MA. Na’Blahge is left handed, the oldest of five siblings, and she has a pet fish named Zeta, whom she loves dearly. Na’blahge is also the President of ALANA and in the future Na’blahge, after graduating with her BSN and furthering her education, would like to become a midwife.


Caitlyn Cerrone
Caitlyn has been dancing since she was two years old! She is from Worcester, MA and is going into her sophomore year at Anna Maria. In her spare time, Caitlyn loves to exercise during her two jobs as a dance teacher and valet attendant. She is also the youngest of three, and has two nieces and a nephew. Caitlyn also enjoys going to community service opportunities.



Tierney Clancy
Tierney is a sophomore Nursing student at Anna Maria College. Originally from Meriden, CT, Tierney plays collegiate volleyball, and also enjoys working out in the fitness center on campus. Tierney is committed to her studies in hopes of making great strides in the Nursing field.

SamanthaGobinSamantha Gobin
Sami is a senior history major with a variety of minors, from Coventry, RI. She has always had a great passion for history, and has chosen to devote her life to it. Outside of that Sami loves the theatre, and has starred as the Wicked Witch of the West in “The Wizard of Oz.”

JessicaGrindellJessica Grindell
Jessica is from Dennis, MA. In Dennis, she works full time as a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant). She is going to be a junior here at Anna Maria and loves every minute of it. Jessica is a member of Campus Ministry and enjoys her work study position on campus. A few of her hobbies include ice hockey, baking, and creating stained glass.

CaseyLacasseCasey Lacasse 
Casey is a double major in Fire Science and Criminal Justice at Anna Maria. With the goal of working in the field of victim advocacy, this former Auburn, ME resident volunteers at Girls, INC., is the Treasurer of Student Government, President of Fire and Emergency Services Association, and also finds time to play tennis, fish, camp, hike, and spend time in the outdoors. Check out the Hiking Trails on campus with Casey!

DestinyOrozcoDestiny Orozco
Destiny is an Elementary Education major from Worcester, MA. As a sophomore, Destiny hopes to keep pursuing her dreams of becoming a Kindergarten teacher. She is a member of the Cheerleading squad and is a positive and fun person to be around!

RobertPeretteRobert Perette
Robert (Bobby) is an education major here at Anna Maria College. Bobby is from Marshfield, MA and just completed his Freshmen year, after battling through a knee surgery. Bobby loves basketball and is happy to be a part of the varsity team. Bobby has the dream of becoming a College Professor in the Sports field.


AlexisPhillipsAlexis Phillips
Alexis is a sophomore music education major from Gardner, MA and has the goal of someday obtaining her doctorate in Music Theory. She loves acting, singing and doing music theory in her spare time. Alexis is a member of the Choir, Student Government, Drum Line, and Wind Ensemble. She enjoys playing guitar before classes in Miriam hall.
AzadoriaRayAzadoria Ray
Azadoria is a sophomore Music Education major from South Hadley, MA. Azadoria enjoys hanging out with friends, the sunshine, and playing piano. She is also a part of The Student Government Association, Music Education Club, Drama Club, and Drum Line. Azadoria is hoping to influence new students to love music as much as she does!

MaryReinschMary Reinsch
Mary is a senior majoring in Music Therapy. She loves both music and helping people, which motivated her career choice. She has a passion for theatre, dogs, and tacos. In her little spare time she enjoys hanging out with her friends. Mary is also a member of the Drama Club, Senator for the School of Visual and Performing Arts, in the Honors Program council, and a tutor in the Student Success Center.

KatrinaRiveraKatrina Rivera
Katrina is an Elementary Education major here at Anna Maria College. As a sophomore, Katrina can’t wait to start cheering again with her squad in the fall. She is fun, outgoing and has the goal of becoming an elementary teacher after graduation.

KaileyRoseKailey Rose
Kailey is entering her junior year as a Nursing student. Kailey grew up in Southbridge, MA and is a member of the National Student Nursing Association. She loves to spend time outdoors at the lake and enjoying water skiing and fishing. Once Kailey is finished with school she hopes to work as a Trauma Nurse in the ER.

KatelynSableKatelyn Sable
Katelyn Sable is returning as a sophomore Music Therapy major at Anna Maria College. She enjoys spending time with her friends and making music. Katelyn is a chorus member, participates in Campus Ministry, the Drama Club, and Music Therapy Club. After college, she hopes to work with children who have disabilities.

PauloSalgueiroPaulo Salgueiro
Paulo joined Anna Maria as a transfer student. Paulo has been involved with campus activities his entire college career and returns in the fall as a graduate student. He enjoys sports, especially as a collegiate football player, is the student representative for the Board of Trustees, and new students may have meet him as a tour guide for the Admissions department.

DaizyDaizy Santiago
Daizy is a sophomore Human Development and Human Services major from the home town of Worcester, MA. Daizy is a member of the Volleyball team and also enjoys attending events and spending time in the Office of Multicultural Affairs. She has a love of volleyball and basketball and has the dream of continuing her education in speech pathology or speech therapy after graduation.

KarleenShoretteKarleen Shorette
Karleen commutes to Anna Maria as a Nursing Major from Millbury, MA. Karleen enjoys playing tennis and participating in the Drama Club events. Karleen is looking forward to the fall semester as she has a goal of achieving even higher grades, participating in even more clubs, and making new friends with the new students of Anna Maria College.

JamesSmithJames Smith (Jake)
Jake is a junior Fire Science major. He has been a volunteer fire fighter for five years. Jake participates in the Fire and Emergency Services Association on campus and is Vice President of Student Government. His goal is to become a Chief at a Fire Station. James also enjoys fishing, hiking, and anything outdoors.

AustinThomasAustin Thomas
Austin is a Fire Science major originally from Cheshire, CT. His favorite pizza place is Pepe’s! Have you ever been? Austin is a part of the Fire and Emergency Services Association and also enjoys music, swimming, fishing, playing guitar, and long walks on the beach.

SerenaTorresSerena Torres
Serena is a sophomore Nursing major and is also the middle child of six siblings from Fitchburg, MA. Here, Serena works as a medical assistant. She has a passion for helping people and dreams of one day being a certified nurse practitioner, specializing in cardiology. She is a part of the Leadership group on campus and also loves being outside and is always up for having fun.

SophiaWackellSophia Wackell
Sophia is a sophomore Nursing student at Anna Maria College. She loves to keep busy and is involved with tennis, archery, and playing trumpet, and the Anna Maria College drumline. Sophia loves to make people smile and can’t wait to be the nurse that puts a smile on everyone’s face!

CaitlinCaitlin Coneran
Caitlin is a going into her junior year as a Nursing Student. Caitlin is the Nursing Representative for her class and is also in the National Student Nursing Association. At home in Quincy, MA, Caitlin is an employee of Nordstrom and loves the beach. When she graduates, she hopes to help others and make a difference in her community through her work in the Nursing field.

TroyRepektaTroy Repekta
Troy is a sophomore, double major in Business Administration and Sport Management from Dudley, MA. Troy enjoys playing soccer and basketball at the college level, here, at Anna Maria. Troy is a part of the Leadership Program as well as the Student Athletic Advisory Committee. He hopes to become a motivational speaker in the future to inspire youth. Other interests of Troy’s include working out in the Fitness Center and going on wilderness adventures!