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Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services
Hours: Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Location: Information Commons
Information Technology Services is dedicated to helping students, faculty, and staff achieve their goals by providing the support needed for success at Anna Maria. ITS strives to provide the best service, allowing all members of the Anna Maria College community access to all available technology. 
Available Resources
The AMC IT Department provides support for the following technologies for all members of the AMC Community:
  • Anna Maria Email
  • Computer Login Account
  • Online Resources Login Account
  • On-Campus Printing
  • Campus-wide Wireless Internet
  • Game-System Registration (for Resident Students)
  • Cable TV (for Resident Students)


Anna Maria College is dedicated to keeping a secure yet open network to protect security of its students, alumni, faculty, staff, parents and friends. The College is committed to keeping confidential information safe while maintaining accessibility of its resources. The College has set this policy not to create unnecessary restrictions but to keep data in the appropriate hands of those individuals who need to use the data in support of the College’s business or academic pursuits. Click here for our full Information Security Plan.

Password Changing Policy
We have instituted a computer-enforced policy that requires all users to change their password on a regular basis. This is standard practice in most modern networks and is required to help secure important data and system access.

 If you haven't been prompted to create a new password yet, you soon will be. In order to ensure security, the password you create must meet certain standards. They must:

  • Be at least eight characters long
  • Contain at least one of each of the following: numbers, lowercase letters, uppercase letters

An example, which you should not use, would be: "compL3xpassword".

Don't cringe. Changing passwords can be fun. Did you know you could use a whole sentence as a password? You don't have to limit yourself to a single, difficult-to-remember word. Instead, you can write out a whole easy to remember sentence — as long as it includes a number.

An example, which you should not use, would be: "I will get used to password requirements in 6 months."

It is important to remember exactly how you typed it, because you must duplicate your case and punctuation perfectly each time. Also, if you get a warning saying that long password doesn't work with old systems, click "Yes" or "Ok."

Information Technology Staff
Michael Miers
Chief Information Officer &
Data Security Coordinator
(508) 849-3326
Michael Chowdhury
Report Writer
(508) 849-3323
Richard Onanian
Network Administrator
(508) 849-3324
Terrence Young
IT Support Specialist
(508) 849-3325