Register NowThe Anna Maria College Jazz Institute aims to cultivate a comprehensive, foundational skillset within each student, allowing him or her to pursue any future musical goal without restriction. This concept of “complete musicianship” will be explored through a well-balanced, integrated course design with classes in applied theory, aural skills, and repertoire. Students will become aware of their strengths and utilize those strengths to gain understanding in subjects that are less familiar. The benefit of “complete musicianship” affords students the luxury of avoiding the pitfalls, ruts, and plateaus commonly found in traditional methodology.
It is for this very reason why the Jazz Institute should not be viewed as being reserved solely for those interested in jazz. It is available and beneficial to all those looking to gain greater musical freedom.
Registration is open to High School students (grades 9-12) who have at least two years of instruction on their instruments.
The Jazz Institute is a day program that runs from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. from Monday, July 9th until Friday, July 13th. Students will be provided breakfast and lunch throughout the week.
Instruction will take place in Miriam Hall classrooms 1 and 2, Payer Concert Hall, and Zecco Performing Arts Center.
The Jazz Institute costs $600 per student or students can pay $750 which includes a college credit!
Course Descriptions

Ear Training

Students will develop a greater recognition of pitch and rhythm, both on their principle instruments and through the use of their voices. This will emphasize that the students themselves are the instrument, not the physical device which they are holding. Once this is understood, a clearer path to more effective communication in an interactive musical environment will be realized.


In this course, students will examine the building blocks of music through a theoretical/analytical approach. Each topic will be presented with techniques on how to apply the material to their chosen instruments, enabling students to make informed, stylistically-appropriate choices in any musical context.

Applied Skills

This class will introduce musical devices, exercises, and etudes that will directly target the application of the materials explored in Theory and Ear Training. Student's musical choices will be informed by an improved ear, a greater mind, and with better technique.

Jazz Improvisation

Students will learn the language of jazz through basic and advanced jazz theory, ear training, and rhythmic studies. They will create improvisational solos over simple and complex chord progressions and develop improvised accompaniment techniques. Prior music theory knowledge or improvisational experience is not required.

Jazz Combo

Perform Swing, Bebop, Latin, Free Jazz, and Funk Jazz styles. This class is a combination of improvisation, ear training, arranging, and jazz history. Students will create and perform arrangements of jazz standards. We will study and transcribe performances of the jazz greats as we develop and perform our own arrangements.

Instrumental Lessons/Master Class

Students will study technique, repertoire, and performance skills on their primary instrument for the camp. 
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Drop-off and Pick-up
Safety during this time remains especially important. Please ensure that all people authorized to drop off and pick up your student are listed clearly on the registration form. Please expect that a photo ID may be required to pick up your student. If someone other than those listed on the authorization form need to pick up your student, please inform the program instructor in advance.

Students are expected to be dropped off between 8:15 am and 8:30 am at the designated area, Miriam Hall (which will be marked on the campus map). Students arriving after 8:30 am must inform the program instructor at least a day in advance. Please notify the program instructor (508-849-3397) if your student will be late or absent.

Students should be picked up no later than 3:15 p.m. at the designated pick-up area, which will be marked on campus and is the same for drop-off. Please remember that people picking up your student must be authorized ahead of time.