The Law and Society major is an inter-disciplinary program designed for students who are interested in careers in law, law enforcement, government, public service and/or who want to go on to law school, graduate school in political science, or graduate school in sociology to become full-fledged members of these professions. The program exposes students to multiple disciplines and viewpoints about each subject of study and subsequently, provides them with a much broader understanding of the nature of the law and court system.  The Law and Society major is most relevant for students who are interested in professional careers in law, politics, government, and/or public service in relevant government agencies, non-profit organizations, and the private sector, at the local, state, or national levels.

The Law and Society majors will:

  • Examine the relationships between the various branches of the U.S. government, as well as between state and federal governments to achieve a more holistic understanding of American government
  • Examine the unique role of the courts in American law, politics, and society to gain a comprehensive understanding of various theoretical and empirical perspectives on law, legal change, and the relationship between courts and society
  • Evaluate normative arguments regarding justice and equality in theory and in practice
  • Critically analyze how governmental programs and policies are formulated, implemented and evaluated, such as nationalized health care; analyze the ideological underpinnings of societies, politics, and government
  • Critically analyze the unique role of the U.S. in world
  • Examine the governments, political institutions, and politics of other societies to achieve a comparative understanding of them.


Students earning a Bachelor of Art in Law Politics and Society may choose a concentration in American Law and Politics, Political Science, or Sociology.