Prior to his attending AMC, Michael Gorman started a grass-roots organization for young people in his hometown of Lawrence called The Movement Family (TMF).  The idea was to get kids of all ages together a couple of evenings a week and weekends to run and be active. TMF has grown exponentially through word of mouth and now on any given Saturday during the summer up to 240 young men and women ages 10-27 will show up in the park to participate (Michael only hosts the group in the summer now that he is in college).

Some of TMF’s activities include helping others: they visit and give food to the homeless and visit and bring flowers to the elderly in nursing homes. They also raise money so that they can take trips to the zoo or other similar venues where many of these young people have never been.

Michael began TMF because he lost so many of his friends to drugs and other tragedies that he wanted to change the paradigm for youth growing up in Lawrence.  He has also gone out and interviewed homeless people on camera to hear their stories and share them with members of TMF.  TMF has also done some work with gangs and has gang members attending meetings.

Michael is humble about his accomplishments:  "I don't really want to be remembered for anything special.. Just a person who believed in people who others overlooked and didn't give a chance to. I want everyone to feel loved out there and important. Hopefully people can keep paying it forward and maybe just maybe the world can change one step at a time," he shares.