Marketing Communication
This major has an interdisciplinary focus on business, marketing, social media, graphic design, web design, communication, persuasion and writing. Marketing strategies in the 21stcentury depend on the use of new/digital media, with social media as the fastest-growing business tool. This major combines such areas to prepare graduates for the ever-changing, highly competitive field. The marketing communication major provides the theoretical foundations as well as the creative, practical skills needed to persuade and communicate in the process of marketing. Our program differentiates itself from other programs with its interdisciplinary focus – looking at the necessary communication skills, the creative/artistic skills, the technology integration including social media, and the marketing focus. Students in the Marketing Communication Major will:

  • Use technology to communicate, particularly social media
  • Develop, implement, and manage marketing plans from regional to global implementation
  • Demonstrate a capacity to use the art of persuasion to influence consumers
  • Apply ethical reasoning and decision-making relating to marketing communication
  • Synthesize and apply knowledge and skills through an integrative experience. 


Potential Careers Paths in Marketing Communication include Marketing Communication Associates; Marketing Communication Managers; Strategic Business Communications Specialists; and Communication Associates.