Minor in Music
The chief goal of music study at Anna Maria College is the development of sensitivity, intellectual background, and technical dexterity in order to realize to the greatest extent possible each student’s potential for self-expression and communication through music. A minor in music will afford the opportunity for students to gain a greater understanding of music that is relevant in the creative and professional world.

Program requirements total 18 credits and include:

  • MUS 101, 102 Music Theory I, II (3, 3)
  • MUS 255, 256 Music History I, II (3, 3)
  • MUS ___ Individual Studio Instruction in voice or Instrument (1, 1, 1, 1) *
  • MUS ___ Ensembles (1, 1)
  • MUS 100 Performance Lab (0, 0)

*Additional fee will apply for Private Lessons