Degree Requirements
The Master’s in Business Administration consists of 36 credits; 12 courses with an overall GPA of 3.0 (B) including a capstone project
Mid-Career Track: Your Work Experience Counts
If you have relevant progressive work experience in business, you may be eligible to waive 1 course or 3 credits from the MBA core requirements as determined by the Program Director on a case by case basis. That means you could earn your Master of Business Administration degree in as few as 11 courses instead of 12.
Prerequisite Courses
Five prerequisite courses are required of all MBA candidates who have not previously satisfied these requirements. These requirements may be met by previous education or experience. The specific prerequisite needs to be completed before a student enrolls in the corresponding required course. All prerequisites do not have to be completed before students can enroll in the required courses:
BUS 512 Financial Accounting
BUS 523 Management
BUS 543 Economic Theory and Practice
BUS 569 Marketing and Theory
BUS 571 Business Statistics
Required Courses:
GRS 600 Ethical Theory (or equivalent)
BUS 607 Financial Analysis
BUS 614 Decision Making/Quantitative Analysis
BUS 638 Marketing Strategies
BUS 651 Legal Issues in Business
BUS 655 Economic Decision-Making in a Globalized Economy
BUS 701 Research Methods and Technology
BUS 733 Capstone Project or BUS 791 Policy and Strategy (Capstone)*
Elective Courses - Broken Down by Concentrations (4)
Ethics and Leadership
BUS 622 Leadership
BUS 629 Labor-Management Relations
BUS 633 Organizational Behavior
BUS 672 Health Care Administration
BUS 723 International Business
BUS 779 White Collar Crime
BUS 831 Workplace Violence
BUS 604 Advanced Accounting Topics
BUS 609 Money and Banking
BUS 612 Federal Taxes
BUS 636 Budget Preparation and Analysis
BUS 719 Financial Controllership
BUS 721 Treasury Management
BUS 779 White Collar Crime
BUS 936 Budget Preparation: Non-Profit
Health Care Administration
BUS 622 Leadership
BUS 672 Health Care Administration (Required)
BUS 681 Health Care Law
BUS 683 Economics and Finance of Health Care
BUS 711 Human Resources Management
BUS 725 Analysis of the Quality of Health Care
Health Informatics
BUS 672 Health Care Administration (Required)
BUS 637 Information Systems - Health Care
BUS 681 Health Care Law
BUS 683 Economics and Finance of Health Care
BUS 736 Ethical Issues in Health Informatics
SCM 710 Information Security
BUS 685 Marketing on the World Wide Web
BUS 709 Buyer Behavior
BUS 710 Marketing Communication
BUS 717 New Product Development
BUS 750 E-Commerce Strategies
BUS 752 Marketing Research
BUS 763 Social Media and Marketing
Public Finance and Management
BUS 611 Non-Profit/Government Accounting
BUS 622/MPA 503 Leadership
BUS 629 Labor-Management Relations
BUS 912 Grantsmanship
MPA 603 Public Policy
MPA 604 Strategic Planning for Public Managers
MPA 501 Conflict Management
SCM 710 Information Security
Security Management
SCM 601 Principles of Security Management
SCM 620 Crisis Management and Emergency Planning
SCM 630 Physical Security: Design and Integration
SCM 640 Security Investigations
SCM 701 Workplace Violence or BUS831 Workplace Safety
SCM 710 Information Security