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Bachelor of Science in Emergency Leadership
The Bachelor of Science in Emergency Leadership at Anna Maria College is specifically designed for the working paramedic professional. It was established to provide women and men currently certified or licensed as paramedics or EMTs with a convenient pathway to degree completion.
One of the first of its kind in the United States, the online Bachelor of Science in Emergency Leadership from Anna Maria College prepares graduates for managerial and leadership roles in the emerging field of "pre-hospital healthcare."
EMS leaders and managers are constantly adapting and re-adapting to new policies, regulations, standards of care and human resource challenges, among others, all of which require the use of advanced analytical, rhetorical, and research skills. Moreover, there is increasing pressure for EMS executives and chiefs to have an MPA, MPH, or MBA degree.
The Emergency Leadership program provides an academically rigorous and technically relevant educational experience for current and aspiring practitioners in emergency medical services to build knowledge, skill and ability to effectively lead and manage emergency medical services delivery systems.
Graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Emergency Leadership program will be able to:
  • Comprehend a wide variety of concepts applicable to emergency medic services;
  • Use statistics as a leadership tool and as a driver of evidence-based medicine and protocols;
  • Develop an ethical foundation for decision making, both as a clinician and administrator;
  • Provide excellent, compassionate and ethical medical care;
  • Develop critical thinking to lead the pre-hospital profession in the years to come; and
  • Provide compassionate, excellent service, advocacy, and leadership to diverse communities with diverse emergency medical service needs.
With a Bachelor of Science in Emergency Leadership, graduates are well-prepared for leadership and executive positions in public health and safety, and graduate study at Anna Maria College in Public Administration, Business Administration, Criminal Justice, and Health Emergency Management.
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