The Bachelor of Science in Paramedic Science program implements the mission of the College by leading students to the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to practice advanced prehospital care of individuals who are ill, injured, or otherwise at risk. Students build a foundation in natural sciences that underpins the academic and practical study of advanced emergency medical services. Clinical and field experiences refine practical skills and illustrate the profession in societal context. The curriculum emphasizes compassion and respect for others, cultural awareness, and a commitment to public service.

This program aims to prepare the student for state and national credentials as a paramedic; to build awareness and understanding of the role of the paramedic in medical and emergency services; to provide a well-rounded educational experience that provides strong career preparation in a liberal arts context; to instill the values of the college in AMC-educated practitioners of advanced emergency medical care.

Graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Paramedicine program will be able to:  
  • Effectively provide pre-hospital medical care at the Paramedic level including Cardiology, Pathopharmacology, Trauma care, Airway, Ventilation, Oxygenation, Trauma, Medical and EMS Operations
  • Provide high quality, ethical and appropriate service in a variety of environments
  • Use statistics and data as a tool and as a driver of evidence-based medicine and protocols
  • Compare and contrast international approaches to the delivery of pre-hospital health care