Psychology has a long past, yet its real history is short.” – Hermann Ebbinghaus (1908)


Mission Statement

The purpose of the Psychology Program is to advance the knowledge of psychological science through its work with the student body. Students in the psychology program will:

  • Honor academic excellence; 
  • Foster a sense of lifelong learning, leadership, and self-development; 
  • Promote excellence in service to humanity and to one’s community. 

Specifically, the Psychology Program sees its mission to be that of preparing students for some of the common experiences after graduation, which include graduate school, research assistantships, and for working in careers in human services.  Finally, the Psychology Program is committed to nurturing of a sense of respect for oneself and others and to encourage ethical and social responsibility in a diverse world.


Learning Outcomes

*The Psychology Program at Anna Maria College aligns its learning goals and outcomes with the undergraduate psychology guidelines set forth by the American Psychological Association (APA).*

  1. Students will describe key psychological concepts and principles and will apply thesepsychological concepts to themselves and to society.
  1. Students will use scientific reasoning to interpret psychological phenomena, and they will demonstrate information literacy in psychology. They will build these skills by designing, conducting, and interpreting their own psychological research.
  1. Students will apply ethical standards to psychological science and to clinical practice.
  1. Students will exhibit effective communication through writing and presentation skills.
  1. Students will apply psychological content to specific professional skills and to career goals such as getting into graduate school, working as a research assistant, or finding a job in the field of human services. As such:
  1. Students will improve their capacity for teamwork.
  2. Students will enhance interpersonal relationships with diverse populations.
  3. Students will explain sociocultural values that build communities.
  4. Students will refine project-management skills.