Credit Load Policy


For programs operating on the traditional semester schedule (15-week fall term, 15-week spring term, and two six-week summer terms), the normal full-time course load is three courses each in the fall and spring terms, and two courses in each summer term. For programs operating on the accelerated schedule of five nine-week terms per year, the normal full-time course load is two courses per nine-week term. Students who wish to register for more than the established full-time load must receive prior approval from their Program Director.

Degree Candidates and Special Students


Students seeking a graduate degree may register for two courses before making a formal application but no subsequent courses will be applied to the degree if the student has not matriculated.

Special Students -- those not seeking a degree -- are welcome to take an unlimited number of courses. After earning six credits, however, they must obtain permission from the Program Director to register for other courses. These courses may not count toward a degree.