Students seeking a graduate degree may register for two courses before making a formal application but no subsequent courses will be applied to the degree if the student has not matriculated.
Special Students -- those not seeking a degree -- are welcome to take an unlimited number of courses. After earning six credits, however, they must obtain permission from the Program Director to register for other courses. These courses may not count toward a degree.  
Class Attendance
Students are expected to attend class and take examinations regularly. It is the responsibility of the instructor to explain his or her attendance policy to students at the beginning of the semester. A student who is excessively absent accepts the risk of forfeiting the portion of the grade that derives from class attendance and participation.
Class Cancellation Announcements
Announcements for the cancellation of late afternoon and evening classes for all AMC instructional locations including the Paxton campus will be communicated via email, voicemail and text through the College's alert system. To sign up contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Cancellations will also be posted on the web and listed on the following media outlets: Radio stations WBZ 1030 AM, WTAG 580 AM, and WSRS 96.1 FM and on TV stations WBZ Channel 4, WCVB Channel 5, Fox 25 and WRKO News 7. 
As an academic community centered in the Catholic tradition, Anna Maria College expects all members of the College community to act in a responsible and ethical manner and to uphold the values, rules, and regulations of the College. The principles of individual honor, integrity, responsibility, and respect for the rights of others are essential to student conduct. Anna Maria College expects all students to demonstrate honesty and integrity in the execution of their academic responsibilities. If a faculty member or fellow student suspects that another student has violated the standards of honesty and integrity in academic work, the matter must be reported to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. If the Vice President determines a violation has occurred, sanctions may include, but are not limited to, a letter of reprimand, failure on the assignment, failure in the course or suspension or dismissal from the College.
Appealing Grades
A student, who believes that he or she has been unfairly graded in a course or deserves an adjustment in his or her academic status, may appeal. This appeal must occur within four weeks of assignment of the grade. A student must confer with the instructor about the grade prior to the appeal. If the student still feels that he or she has been graded unfairly, the student should appeal to the Program Director, then to the Vice President for Academic Affairs, who may ask the Graduate Council for a recommendation. The decision of the Vice President for Academic Affairs is final. Only decisions resulting in academic dismissal may be appealed to the President.