2018-2019 Housing Selection FAQ

Please click on the question below. Should you have additional questions please contact Jessica Eckstrom, Director of Residence Life, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How does Housing Lottery Work?

Roommates will use the lowest number assigned (this means that current seniors will be assigned the "best" numbers, juniors the next group of numbers and so on). The numbers assigned to a student cannot be transferred to another student.


Numbers will be called on the night of Housing Lottery in order, beginning with one (1). A resident and his/her roommate(s) must be present within one minute of his/her number being called or he/she will be housed at the end of the lottery.


The resident whose number is called with go with his/her roommate(s) to the lottery table. The students will choose their room from all remaining rooms. Students will have one minute at the lottery table to choose their room before the next number is called. 


This year the lottery will be done over the course of two nights: Monday, March 26th (Singles and Suites) and Tuesday, March 27th (Double Rooms).

How do I know if I am eligible to participate in Housing Lottery?

In order to participate in the 2018-2019 Housing Lottery students must have paid their $100 deposit and have completed the Housing Agreement by Friday, March 16, 2018. 

I want to live with someone that didn't pay a room deposit, Can I do that?

Students who are ineligible for Housing Lottery may not be used as roommates in lottery. Residents participating in Housing Lottery may not hold space for an ineligible student.

I need to cancel my housing... What do I do?

To cancel the Housing Agreement, the student must apply in writing to the Residence Life Office. The room deposit is refundable as a credit to the student's Anna Maria account through May 1st and non-refundable after May 1st. After June 1, cancellation of the Housing Agreement will result in a charge of $500. Please refer to the Housing Agreement for more details. 

I will not be able to attend housing lottery. Does this mean I cannot pick my room?

If a student cannot attend Housing Lottery he/she may send a "proxy" to choose his/her room. The proxy may by any student that you designate to select for you. If you are using a proxy you will need to complete a proxy form. These are located in the Student Life Office. On the night of Housing Lottery, your proxy will use your lottery number to select on your behalf.

I want to live in a certain room, but my friends and I don't have enough people to fill it. Can we pick that room at Housing Lottery?

All rooms and suites must be filled to be chosen (two students picking a double, three students picking a triple, etc.). Lottery participants may not "hold" a space for those ineligible for lottery. Trades requested after opening in an attempt to manipulate this policy will not be allowed. Residents in rooms that fall below full occupancy after lottery may be reassigned by Residence Life to a different room/building or may have a student randomly assigned to fill the space. Students who do not have a roommate are encouraged to attend the roommate mixer on March 14, 2018 at 9:00 p.m. in Madonna Hall.

How do Housing Lottery numbers get assigned?

Eligible students will be randomly assigned a number based on class standing. Class standing is determined by the Registrar's Office. Honors students are given preference within their class year. 

I'm in need of a single due to medical needs. How does Housing Lottery work for me?

Medical need is reviewed and assessed by the Director of Health Services and the Director of Residence Life. The deadline to apply for a medical single is March 16, 2018. The College reserves the right to determine appropriate accommodation for the presented need. Medical singles will be assigned prior to Housing Lottery. You will not need to attend or participate in Housing Lottery. A resident must renew his/her application for a medical single each year.


Click here for the Medical Housing Application.

I went through Housing Lottery with my roommate, we did receive housing together, but we didn't get our preference. Is there anything we can do?

After the housing selection process is completed all students who went through the process will be emailed a room change request form. Students should complete this form and room changes will be made if they become available.