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Anna Maria Colleges announces that two of its seniors are currently participating in internship programs through The Washington Center in Washington, DC.  The Washington Center internship program places students in a variety of federal agencies, depending upon their major fields of study.  Coordinated by AMC Associate Professor Michael McCartney, Ph.D., Melissa Allen ’14 of Natick, MA is serving with the U.S. Marshal’s Office and Timothy Souza ’14 from North Smithfield, RI is working with the Montgomery County Public Defenders.

Here’s what Melissa and Tim have to say about their experiences so far:

“I am having a great time in DC. I am interning with the US Marshal service in their criminal intelligence branch. I love my internship. I feellike the small project I am working on is really making a difference in people's lives. I am not allowed to talk about what exactly I do at myinternship but I love it. I have already learned so much aboutthe criminal justice field. We also have workshops such as resumebuilding and job interviewing skills. It's nice being in such a different city too. I also have a weekly class where the professor lets us debate about war policies. For my civic engagement project I chose to workon human trafficking prevention and will be volunteering at a safe house.This program is a huge work load but it is work that I enjoy.” Melissa Allen ‘14.

My internship is going very well so far; I am enjoying getting all of the experience and joy of working with the Public Defender. So far, I haveinterviewed several people, serviced almost eight subpoenas, and goneto four different crime scenes. This experience is almost surreal, but I have an amazing opportunity.  Going from a smaller town in New England to the big city in the Mid-Atlantic has been a shock, both culturally and personally. I have met plenty of people, made plenty of new friends, and been opened to theentire world (almost literally). I have made friends from as far away as Korea andGibraltar, and as close as Mexico and Canada; not to mention my fellowAmericans from places like North Carolina, Texas, Georgia, and(thankfully) Massachusetts.”  Tim Souza ’14