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Six Signs You're In A Dangerous Relationship And Should End It: Jill Knapp: Relationship Advice: 6 Serious Signs It's Time to End It

Molly Bish Murder Investigation: Police Outsource DNA Testing Of Evidence: 

DNA evidence in Molly Bish case hasn't been tested in almost one year

Is the murder of 16-year-old lifeguard Molly Bish about to be solved? Authorities send new evidence away for DNA testing

CT Valley Views 
Tarr Expects Molly's Bill License Plate Act by End of Session  State House News
State House, Boston, MA: Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr expects to have work finished on “Molly’s bill” by the end of formal sessions in July. {showhide} The legislation would authorize the first step in a process to redesign the state’s auto license plates to make them more easily identifiable. The legislation would change Massachusetts license plates to feature four alphanumeric characters and one easily recognized symbol, such as a circle or star. The bill is named in honor of Molly Bish, a 16-year-old lifeguard who was abducted in 2000. Bish’s parents Magi and John Bish have become prominent advocates for the families of missing children. Tarr said Registrar of Motor Vehicles Rachel Kaprielian and the Executive Office of Public Safety and the State Police have been actively involved in the discussions around the legislation. Tarr described several issues concerning interoperability and public safety that he said are now “80 to 90 percent” resolved and expects the remaining hang-ups to be resolved by a commission created by the bill that would be charged with establishing the new plate system. “I'm hoping that the first part of the legislation that would create the capacity in the system and set up the commission to put the bill together - to put the plate system together, rather - will be done by the end of this legislative session,” Tarr told the News Service after receiving an award at the annual Missing Children’s Day event.The tearful event, emceed by Magi Bish, featured music, memorials for victims and appreciation for volunteers’ work. Attorney General Martha Coakley, Senate President Therese Murray, Sen. Stephen Brewer, Rep. Anne Gobi, Rep. Todd Smola and others spoke at the twelfth annual event.{/showhide}
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Molly's Bill S1798
EZ-ID License Plate Program
EZ-ID Endorsement Board picture 1s
Watch WNT EZ-ID License Plate Bill  Kristen Doucet reports on how Molly's Bill could be passed any day now and how it could potentially change your license plate.
CT Valley Views
  CT Valley Views recently interviewed Michelle Cruz, CT Victim Advocate, Gary Richard, President EZ-ID, Jay Gardiner, Director, Molly Bish Center and Magi Bish, mother of Molly Anne Bish
EZ-ID Tags Will Aid Public Safety   May 6, 2012: The state of Massachusetts was the first state in the US to issue license plates back in 1903. If two men who behind a landmark effort have their way, it will also be the first state to issue the EZ-ID license plates; with Steve Balestrieri, the Daily Millbury News.

Molly's Bill Gaining Momentum in MA Legislature  May 2, 2012: Molly's Bill finally getting recognition to become law by May 30th, Missing Children's Day; with Cherise Leclerc, Channel 3 Springfield

Forensic Archaeology Recovery  
April 26, 2012: Dr.
Ann Marie Mires, Director of FAR, endorsement letter in support of the efforts that the Molly Bish Center has proposed in the furtherance of the EZ-ID program.

Plate Change Proposed April 23, 2012: Article with Gary Richird, Inventor of EZ-ID and Senator Bruce Tarr; with Neal J. Riley, Lowell Sentinel

Call to Redesign Vehicle Plates Cites Benefits in Abduction Cases 
 March 8, 2012: Interview with Gary Richard, Inventor of EZ-ID; Senator Bruce Tarr; Michael Verseckes, Dept. of Transportation; Senator Thomas McGee; with John Laidler, Boston Globe

License Plate Symbols Touted as ID Tool 
February 12, 2012: Interview with Gary Richard, Inventor of EZ-ID; Magi Bish; James Gardiner, Director of the Molly Bish Center at AMC; and Northboro Police Chief Mark K. Leahy; with Scott J. Croteau, Worcester Telegram and Gazette

New License Plate Proposal 
February 8, 2012: Interview with Gary Richard, Inventor of EZ-ID and James Gardiner, Director of the Molly Bish Center at AMC; with Melissa Toupin, NECN

New Hope for Molly's Bill in 2012  February 6, 2012: Interview and article by Cherise Leclerc, Channel 3 News, Springfield, MA

On 1/10/12 the Executive Board voted unanimously to endorse Molly’s Bill (S-1798). For 
more information on Molly's Bill and EZ-ID, please visit the site

On 4/2/12 Connecticut voted favorably on the EZ-ID Program.

What is EZ-ID?
EZ-ID is a new license plate format which uses universally recognizable symbols, such as a star, heart, diamond, square, circle, tri-angle, etc., along with alpha numeric characters, to give a graphic that even young children can recognize, remember, and report. Each general issue plate would have one randomly assigned symbol, along with other numbers and letters, making up the individual’s plate registration number. EZ-ID would not displace specialty plates, low number plates, or vanity plates, as these are already more recognizable

Past Events

Below are images from past events that Anna Maria College's Molly Bish Center has sponsored in conjunction with other organizations. Please enjoy and don't forget to let us know if you are interested in having the Molly Bish Center sponsor one of your events by email Lisa Gaudette at

Chinese Delegation, October 25, 2011

Chinese Delegate October 25 2011 057 1    
           Mr. Wang Jin, his interpreter, Senator Harriette L. Chandler           

       Chinese Delegate October 25 2011 066 2     
                James Gardiner and Senator Harriette L. Chandler

EZ-ID Program, Boston State House, October 19, 2011

EZ ID Boston October 19 059 1 
 James Gardiner, Gary Richards, Magi Bish, Senator Tarr, John Bish

EZ-ID Program, Senator Brewer, October 2011

Senator Brewer_holding_EZ-ID_License_Plate
             James Gardiner, Senator Stephen Brewer, Gary Richards

Orientation, August 26, 2011

Orientation HB
                    Heather Bish