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Doing What She Loves

Amber Wilson ‘08

From the time she stepped foot onto campus, Amber Wilson knew that Anna Maria College was the perfect fit for her. She loved the spiritual environment and was fond of having the campus set in the woods of Paxton, yet very close to Worcester. When looking at colleges, she had five schools on her list, but AMC was always at the top.

Amber had applied to AMC for its Art Therapy program, which she had discovered at a college fair. She was not familiar with this program but remembered, “When I saw an ‘Art Therapy Major’ sign on one of the tables at the fair, I had an epiphany and knew down to my core that this was what I wanted to pursue.”

There are many professors that Amber learned from and was inspired by. Art professor, Alice Lambert, was especially important to Amber’s college education. Amber shared, “I can’t say enough about her; she made me into a disciplined artist by offering me constructive criticism when needed. I didn’t always accept it and she wasn’t always my favorite, but by the time I graduated it was Professor Lambert that I knew I would miss the most.”  Amber also acknowledged Professor Michael Boover for his honesty and appreciation for the simple pleasures of life. She had said she experienced a lot of spiritual growth from his down-to-earth style of teaching.

Amber now works at Atria Senior Living in their Kennebunk, Maine location as an Engage Life Director. Her job is to develop an engaging and enriched monthly calendar of events with “whole-person component programming.” These are programs designed to encourage residents to explore mental, spiritual, physical and emotional wellbeing. This is done through civic engagement, creative expression, outings, and cultural events.

Amber stated, “If AMC had not provided me the opportunity to complete a summer internship, I probably never would have walked in Atria Senior Living’s doors and my life would be completely different!” Amber has taken what she learned from a variety of classes from AMC and has applied them to her position. She teaches acrylic, watercolor painting, calligraphy, therapeutic arts, meditation and guided imagery; all of which she learned at AMC.

“Although nothing has been smooth sailing, I am proud of my independence and accomplishments. There are many obstacles in life, but the more you get through them, the stronger you become. Take advice from loved ones, but never doubt what your gut says. If you are able to face your fears, you can face anything.”