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  • An internship is a program of study involving a combination of academic work and field experience.
  • Students Receive credit in exchange for the work experience within a company or agency
  • During an internship, the student works closely with an employee of the organization, known as the On-site Supervisor. The On-site Supervisor will guide and evaluate the student.
  • Students may be required to write a research paper that demonstrates their relationship to the internship.
  •  Internship study is usually taken during senior year, though not always.
  • Internships must be related to academic course work in a carefully planned program of learning. They may be conducted during the fall and winter semester, and occasionally during the summer semester.

Academic Credit

  • Most students earn three credits for an intersnhip experience in a semester.
  • Up to 12 internship credits can be applied toward a bachelor's degree with the approval of the appropriate school dean.

Academic Requirements

  • A grade point average of 2.8 or better is required to qualify for a credit-bearing internship.
  • Exceptions may be granted at the descretion of the school dean.
  • Permission to complete an internship is granted only to students who demonstrate maturity, academic excellence, responsibility, and high motivation.


  • Students are expected to work on-site for a minimum total of 120 hours per three credit internship. This equals approximately 8-10 hours a week for 12-15 weeks.
  • With special permission, students can partake in 6, 9, or up to 12 internship credits. The required hours increase accordingly.

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