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Every Shoe Tells a Story at AMC

April 10, 2013

Anna Maria College announces that students under the guidance of Professor Tracy Casey will present the event, Every Shoe Tells a Story, Breaking the Silence to End Child Abuse,” on Thursday, April 18, 2013 on the College’s campus in Paxton, MA.   The goal of the initiative is to help in the prevention of family and domestic violence by providing information on a variety of services designed to strengthen families and individuals through awareness, education and other learning experiences. As part of the program, students will engage the Anna Maria campus in activities regarding prevention and conflict management skills, as well as the virtues of good citizenship, civility, and nonviolence. 

“Education, awareness and advocacy are the keys for prevention for any kind of abuse,” shares Ms. Casey.  “It’s important to break the silence so that victims will come forward because we live in a society where it’s not always conducive for people to tell their story, and without telling their stories, it’s not helping them with the healing process and breaking the cycle of violence.”

Participants in the initiative plan to set-up a presentation of symbolically-worn children’s shoes amongst thought-provoking images, facts and statistics in the heavily pedestrian AMC campus rotary with the goal of calling attention to the commonly overlooked needs of those too often deprived a voice of their own.  A resource table in the Bishop Flanagan Campus Center will also be set up from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. to provide students with useful resources and information on issues ranging from child abuse, sexual assault, LGBTQ discrimination, domestic violence and bullying. Contact information for available resources will also be available.