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QuincySeizing Opportunities
Quincy Thomas

AMC sophomore Quincy Thomas was in the fourth grade his South Windsor, CT elementary school needed someone to play a brass instrument for the band.  Quincy was chosen to play the euphonium, a small tuba, and since then he has known that music has to be a part of his life.  Throughout junior and senior high, Quincy honed his musical abilities while exploring other talents, which he discovered by participating on the wrestling and football teams.  He was adept at both and in his senior year he made the all-state wrestling team. “It took a great deal of discipline for me to keep up with everything,” explains Quincy.  “I also had the tremendous support of my family.”


With so many accomplishments, finding the right college where he could continue to grow his abilities became a challenge.  “My parents didn’t go to college,” states Quincy. “As a first generation student, my family and I were unfamiliar with the search process.”  Thankfully, as Quincy puts it, “Anna Maria College found me.”  With budding band and football programs, Quincy was a perfect fit for AMC.


After deciding to attend Anna Maria, Quincy began to think through his major.  Criminal Justice appealed to him but he was determined to follow his dream of exploring the music field. “I was afraid that I would always regret it if I didn’t try to do something with music,” he shares. “The music education program at AMC made sense as it would allow me to study music while preparing me for the teaching profession.”


As a music education major, Quincy takes music classes, as well as education classes that expose him to the teaching profession. “It is interesting to see how a classroom works from the perspective of the teacher rather than the student,” comments Quincy. “Now I am able to understand what comprises a good learning environment.”


Since joining AMC, Quincy has been able to be a part of many firsts for the College.  He was the first student to sign the register for the new St. Ann Hall; he is a proud member of the first marching band; and he is a committed team member of the first football team.  As part of the football team, he also helped to make history for Anna Maria with the first football victory in November. “It was great to get that first win,” states Quincy. “We all feel vindicated and proud of what we were able to accomplish.”


Quincy believes that his college experience is a step to the future, so while he is at AMC he plans to make the best of all four years by achieving in academics, sports, and music.  “At a small school like Anna Maria, you have the potential to accomplish many things,” Quincy shares. “I believe in living life to the fullest and seizing the opportunities.  AMC is helping achieve my dream.”