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Bachelor of Science in Emergency Medical Services Administration
Program Overview
The new Bachelor of Science in Emergency Medical Services Administration (EMSA) at Anna Maria College is specifically designed for the working paramedic professional. It was established to provide women and men currently certified or licensed as paramedics or EMTs with a convenient pathway to degree completion.
Since the 1970's, emergency medical technicians and paramedics have been filling increasingly important roles in the delivery of care to the ill and injured outside of brick and mortar medical facilities. As the country ages, and the strain on the health care industry increases, fire/rescue organizations, as well as public and private ambulance service providers, will not only need excellence at the point of service delivery, they will also require exceptional expertise in management leadership roles.
One of the first of its kind in the United States, the online Bachelor of Science in Emergency Medical Services Administration from Anna Maria College prepares graduates for managerial and leadership roles in the emerging field of "pre-hospital healthcare."
How it works
Through a non-clinical, fully online program, currently certified emergency medical technicians can pursue a bachelor's degree in EMSA that will provide them with a variety of exciting potential opportunities for career advancement, including supervisory, management, and leadership positions. The degree completion program offers flexibility due to its online format so that certified and licensed professionals can achieve their goals easily and affordably.
The B.S. in Emergency Medical Services Administration program focuses on:
  • Ethically sound and evidenced-based leadership and management skills to Emergency Medical Service providers;
  • A foundation in contemporary leadership and management principles;
  • A well-rounded educational experience that provides strong career preparation in a liberal arts context;
  • A lifelong commitment to the values of justice, citizenship, and service in a student's personal and professional pursuits.
Coursework for the Emergency Medical Services Administration Program includes:
  • Applications for Emergency Services Research
  • Applied Statistics
  • Critical Incident Stress for Emergency Services
  • Emergency Services, Leadership & Administration
  • Emergency Services Budgeting and Finance
  • Emergency Services Management
  • Emerging Concepts in Pre-Hospital Care
  • EMS Systems Design
  • Health Informatics
  • Human Resource Management for Emergency Services
  • International Comparative Pre-Hospital Care
  • Legal Aspects of Emergency Services
Why Earn a Bachelor's Degree
EMS is a young profession, barely four decades old, with continual changes in the field as technology and research assist practitioners in reexamining and redefining new ways to administer emergency services. In addition, EMS leaders and managers are constantly adapting and re-adapting to new policies, regulations, standards of care and human resource challenges, among others, all of which require the use of advanced analytical, rhetorical, and research skills. Moreover, there is increasing pressure for EMS executives and chiefs to have an MPA, MPH, or MBA degree. With a Bachelor of Science in Emergency Medical Services Administration, individuals interested in moving into executive leadership positions will be poised to obtain their Master's in Public Administration with a concentration in Emergency Medical Services, online through AMC.

Bachelor of Science in Emergency Medical Services Administration Program Mission

The mission of the Emergency Medical Services Administration program is to provide an academically rigorous, yet technically relevant educational experience for current and aspiring practitioners in emergency medical services to build knowledge, skill and ability to effectively lead and manage emergency medical services delivery systems.

Educational Objectives/Learning Outcomes:

Graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Emergency Medical Services Administration program will be able to:

  • Comprehend a wide variety of concepts applicable to emergency medic services, including:
    • Relevant theories of organizational design, the interplay between complex systems and the achievement of goals in a public or private sector EMS enterprise
    • The historical, theoretical and contemporary implications of policy making in the public and private pre-hospital sectors
    • The fundamentals of fiscal and human resources management
    • How to compare and contrast international approaches to the delivery of pre-hospital health care.
  • Use statistics as a leadership tool and as a driver of evidence-based medicine and protocols
  • Develop an ethical foundation for decision making, both as a clinician and administrator
  • Provide excellent, compassionate and ethical medical care
  • Develop critical thinking to lead the pre-hospital profession in the years to come;
  • Provide compassionate, excellent service, advocacy, and leadership to diverse communities with diverse emergency medical service needs

AMC is the Right Choice

No matter whether it's for a promotional opportunity, career or personal enhancement, to attain educational goals or to serve as a thought-leader for the future of the EMS profession, the Anna Maria College Bachelor of Science in Emergency Medical Services Administration will prepare you for success and provide you with important professional competencies that are built on a foundation of the core principles of the College including ethical leadership, informed citizenship and compassionate care.
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