Studio Art

The Department of Art & Design at Anna Maria College offers a modern comprehensive program in Studio Art within a vibrant liberal arts college curriculum.  Through a multi-disciplined curriculum, the Studio Art major develops essential skills in various media through intensive studio courses students create a framework on which to build their academic and artistic careers. Students may select to concentrate in Painting, Photography, Sculpture, or Videography. The Studio Art program prepares students for a wide range of art-related career options or graduate study in Fine Art or Art Education.


Upon completion of a BA in the Studio Art Program, students will: 

  • Exhibit working knowledge of technologies and equipment applicable to their area(s) of specialization. Familiarity with the historical achievements, current major issues, processes, and directions of their field(s).
  • Gain Perceptual acuity, conceptual understanding, and the technical facility at a professional entry level in their chosen field(s). The ability to perceptively analyze works of art and design and to critically evaluate its quality.
  • The ability to understand the historical and cultural context of art and design.
  • To work independently on a variety of art and design projects. The ability to conceptualize, research, and produce an independent.
  • Demonstrate functional competence with principles of visual organization, including the ability to work with visual elements and its application in drawing, two-dimensions and three-dimensions, color theory, and digital arts.