22nd Annual High School Exhibition

26 January – 24 February



Recent Paintings: Irene Lawrence

IreneLawrence2016Front    IreneLawrence2016Back

March 16 through April 13, 2016

Opening Reception: Wednesday, March 16, 5:00-7:00 p.m.
Conversation with the Artist and Gallery Director Darrell Matsumoto, 5:30 p.m.


Short Biography

Irene Lawrence is a painter and printmaker, and a member of the American Abstract Artists, New York.  She lives and works in Providence, R.I.  Born in California, Irene grew up on Long Island and later attended the Rhode Island School of Design as well as workshops at the Crown Point Press in San Francisco over several years.  Irene has exhibited extensively and her work is included in private, corporate and public collections such as the Rhode Island School of Design Museum, Brown University Art Collection, the University of Rhode Island Print Collection, as well as exhibiting at the Herbert Johnson Museum of Cornell University; OK Harris, NYC; AXA Collection, NYC; Oqbo, Ontranto, Italy; and the Deutsch Kunstlerbund, Berlin, Germany.



Senior and Graduate Art Exhibitions


Senior Art Exhibition I, 25 April – 29 April, Reception, 27 April

SeniorGroupArtExhibit1 2016

Michael Briggs, Erica Ferreira, Kallie Hunter, Amanda Hurd,

Jeffrey LaRochelle


Senior Art Exhibition II, 9 May – 13 May, Reception, 11 May

SeniorGroupArtExhibit2 2016

Ninarose Dickman, Caroline Graham, Amanda Hebert,

Brianna LaRegina, Callie Mulcahy, Casey Pelletier



Senior Group Art Exhibition, 16 May – 22 May

SeniorGroupArtExhibit3 2016 

Michael Briggs, Ninarose Dickman, Erica Ferreira,

Caroline Graham, Amanda Hebert, Kallie Hunter,

Amanda Hurd, Brianna LaRegina, Jeffrey LaRochelle

Callie Mulcahy, Casey Pelletier



Summer Exhibition for Graduate Student: July/August

Rose Murphy, M.A.