Art & Design Faculty Exhibition

12 September -  12 October 2018

2018 Faculty Poster
Opening Reception, Wednesday 12 September, 5 - 7:00 p.m.

Jillian Anderson, Dyan Gulovsen, Alice Lambert, Timmary Leary,

Darrell Matsumoto, Joseph Ray, Sumiyo Toribe, Jason Travers,

David Wackell, Michael Yefko
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The Faculty, 2018
The Artist/Designer + Educator is a multi-headed beast of sorts. The Artist/Designer is essentially a maker/practitioner. As a maker, it is mostly a solitary endeavor, driven by personal interest, social concern, historicity, or mélange of all of the above. The concerns of the maker/practitioner will vary. A few motivations to consider: the human condition; subject matter; the self; built environment; knowledge, history; materiality; function; are the foundational underpinnings for the maker’s content.

The Educator is teacher, mentor, the teller of knowledge. The coursework is defined by the substance of the subject. The skill of an educator requires a delicate dance between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Using varied approaches, the maker becomes a teller.

The diversity of art practice is represented in our faculty exhibition, Anna Maria College, Art & Design Faculty. The works range: abstract painting; realist painting and drawing; expressionistic drawing; graphic drawing; film and video; photography and other photo-based work; and mixed media sculpture. Fundamental to each artist or designer is process, practice, and the stimulus which motivates invention.