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Health and Counseling Services

For Inquiries and Appointments please call (508) 849-3315 or fax (508) 849-3471

Health and Counseling Services provide skilled and compassionate services to the Anna Maria student community. Whether it’s the flu, personal concerns, anxiety or general health questions, our combined goal is to provide quality care to our students and meet their health care needs. Health and Counseling Services provide medical services and psychological counseling. Cost for services received on campus are covered under the full-time tuition fee. Insurance information may be necessary for further treatment outside of Health and Counseling Services, such as lab work, prescriptions, and/or hospital referrals. Students needing further testing or care, will be referred to UMass Memorial Medical Center (one of two locations) or St. Vincent Hospital, both located in Worcester.
Health Services

Health Services provides care for sick or injured full-time students. Clinic services are provided by the nurse practitioner and a physician. Health Services offers diagnosis and treatment of illnesses, ongoing and follow-up care, health and nutritional counseling along with confidential provider visits, referral to outside specialists and health promotion and awareness. Health Services provides assistance for all Anna Maria College students in becoming knowledgeable healthcare consumers and assists them in making positive lifestyle choices. All full-time students must present evidence that they are adequately immunized in order to register for classes. Pre-entrance immunization requirements are based on the Massachusetts Law 105 CMR 220.000. Counseling Services

Counseling Services provides individual short-term counseling to assist students as they pursue their educational and personal goals with the ultimate goal of enhanced quality of life. Initial assessment and evaluation are generally made in the first appointment. For those students in need of more intensive on-going psychotherapy, referrals to practitioners and resources in the community are provided and costs for outside referrals are handled through the student’s insurance carrier, and the long-term or intensive services are billed to the student’s insurance. Location and Hours
Location: Health and Counseling Services is located in the Annex at the end of Trinity East building.
Hours: Monday through Friday from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm. For emergencies after hours, contact Anna Maria College Public Safety at (508) 494-9010. Appointments
Appointments can be made by calling the main office at (508) 849-3315 or by stopping by the Health and Counseling Services office. Walk-in acute care situations and emergencies are given priority attention. Confidentiality

Health and Counseling Services is legally and ethically obligated to protect a student’s right to privacy and adhere to all HIPAA regulations. A student’s record is strictly confidential with medical and counseling records kept separately. No one other than Health and Counseling staff have access to a student’s record without the student’s prior written permission.