Campus Map


1 AMCAT Field   Multicultural Center   18 Additional Parking   12 Financial Aid Office
2 Miriam Hall Student Activities Office 19 Socquet House     Nursing Lab
Music and Art Student Government Office Advancement Office     Public Safety Office
3 AMCAT Center The Hub Student Lounge Alumni Office     Zecco Performing Arts Center
4 Student Parking 12 Student & Faculty Parking Human Resources   25 Admission Visitor Parking
5 Freshmen Parking 13 Health & Counseling Services Marketing & College Relations   26 Student & Faculty Parking
6 Madonna Hall (Residence Hall) 14 Trinity Hall, East Wing President's Office   27 Visitor & Faculty Parking
7 O'Leary (Residence Hall Wing) Career Center 20 Softball Field   28 Student Parking
8 Eagan (Residence Hall Wing)     Faculty Offices   21 Madore Chapel   29 Fuller Activities Center
9 Duggan (Residence Hall Wing)     Molly Bish Center   22 Cardinal Cushing Hall   30 Physical Plant
10 Mondor (Residence Hall Wing)     Student Success Center     Classrooms   31 Alumni Hall (Residence Hall)
11 Bishop Flanagan Campus Center   15 Trinity Hall     Information Technology Services   32 Coghlin Hall (Residence Hall)
  Bookstore     Academic Affairs     Faculty Offices   33 South Hall (Residence Hall)
  Commuter Lounge     Business Office     Registrar's Office   34 St. Anne Hall (Residence Hall)
  Dining Hall     Faculty Offices     Student Accounts     Residence Life Office
  Mailroom     Honors Lounge   23 Information Commons   35 Student Parking
      16 President's Guest Parking     Mondor-Eagan Library      
      17 St. Joseph Hall   24 Foundress Hall      
        Science Building     Admission Office      


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