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Public Safety OfficePaxton Police Department Patch

Lt. Mark Savasta
Paxton Police Department, Supervisor
Police Dept. Office Phone: (508) 793-3133  
Public Safety Office
Please dial 911 for an emergency situation.

Office Location: South Entrance of Foundress
Office Phone: 3456
On-duty Officer Cell Phone: (508) 494-9010

Public Safety services are provided to the Anna Maria College Community through an agreement with the Paxton Police Department. All Public Safety officers are employees of the Paxton Police Department and enforce all federal, state and local laws. The mission of Public Safety at Anna Maria College continues to provide for the safety and security through a model of Community Policing. The Public Safety Office strives to achieve this mission through preventive patrols, 24-hour accessibility, proactive problem-solving, positive conflict resolution, educational programs and community engagement. All members of the Public Safety Office shall show respect and compassion towards others and shall preserve the dignity and rights of each individual.

The campus is well lit, but if you must walk to an area in which you feel vulnerable, you can simply call for an escort by using any campus "house phone" to dial "3456" for the Officer on Duty. If you are driving on campus and do not have access to a phone, you can stop at the Campus Center and inform the on-duty Public Safety Officer of your request. The Public Safety Officer will meet you at your location and escort you to your destination.