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Tuition + Fees

Tuition + Fees

Tuition + Fees

Below is information on both undergraduate and graduate/continuing education tuition and fees to attend Anna Maria College. Should you have any questions regarding the information, please be in touch with our Student Accounts office by email or at (508) 849-3425. 


2016-2017 Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

2016-2017 Undergraduate Tuition and Fees      
     Fall 2016      Spring 2017      Annual Total
Full-Time Undergraduate Tuition (12-17 credits)* $16,920.00 $16,920.00 $33,840.00
Comprehensive Fee $1,020.00 $1,020.00 $2,040.00
Student Government Fee** $115.00 $115.00 $230.00
Room and Board Fee (10 and 15 Meal Plan Rate)*** $6,755.00 $6,755.00 $13,510.00
Subtotals $24,810.00 $24,810.00 $49,620.00
*Any credit over 17 credits is an additional $795 per credit
**This is an annual fee for all undergraduate students
***There is an increased charge for 19 meal plans of $200 per semester
For Junior and Senior Music Majors Only   
Music Overall Curriculum Fee (no private music lesson or additional credit fees)* $2,355.00 $2,355.00 $4,710.00
Subtotals for Junior and Senior Music Majors      $27,165.00      $27,165.00      $54,330.00

Optional Fees

Optional Fees (Must be waived by the student) 
Health Insurance* $1,504.00
Dewar Tuition Insurance for Resident Student      $322.00
Dewar Tuition Insurance for Commuter Student $235.00

*This is an annual fee for all full-time students, charged once per academic year

Part-Time Undergraduate Tuition

Part Time Undergraduate Tuition   
Per 3 credit course $4,230.00
Per 1 credit      $1,410.00

Pro-Rated Comprehensive Fee

Pro-Rated Comprehensive Fee (based on credits)
Per 3 credits (per semester) $255.00
Per 1 credit      $85.00

2016-2017 Graduate + Continuing Education and Online Tuition and Fees

2016-2017 Graduate + Continuing Education Tuition and Fees  
  Semester by Semester
On-ground Graduate Tuition (per credit hour) $585.00
On-ground Continuing Education Undergraduate Tuition (per credit hour) $410.00
Health Emergency Management (per credit hour) $990.00
Master in Social Work (per credit hour) $900.00
Social Work Field Activity Fee (per Academic year) $500.00
Online Undergraduate Tuition (per credit hour) $400.00
Online EMSA Program (per credit hour) $400.00
Online RN-BSN Tuition (per credit hour) $499.00
Online Graduate Tuition (per credit hour) $685.00
Online Graduate M.Ed Tuition (per credit hour) $450.00

Additional Fees

Additional Fees
Intent to Graduate Fee (Continuing Education, Graduate, Online only) $100.00
Comprehensive Exam (Graduate Psychology Program only) $70.00
Late Payment Fee (monthly, per credit)   1.00%
Audit Fee $105.00
Late Registration Fee $55.00
Fire Academy Credits (per credit) $105.00
Police Academy Credits (per credit) $105.00
Specialized Training Credits (per credit) $105.00
Work Experiment Credits (per credit) $105.00
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